Privacy Policy

Legal basis

Moorganizer strictly adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act. We use a variety of technical and organizational tools to protect your data from misuse, corruption, loss or unauthorized access. We do not provide your personal data to third parties without your express consent and above all we do not sell this data or make it available in any form whatsoever.


By using the site, you agree that all personal data you provide us will be processed for the purposes listed below.

Protection of Data

Whatever we offer, use and use ourselves in accordance with the European Data Protection Directive.

Use your username, your existing email accounts, and let us know if you are personally identifiable.

Use of your personal information

Your personal data will be used as a means of making use of the digital library so as to provide you with newsletters and promotional information and actions related to the activity of the site when they have been provided by you voluntarily.

As long as some of the questions are answered, we know that there is a lot of information and it is not possible for us to make your own private queries unless you select the thread.

We welcome you to the fact that you have the opportunity to contact us at any time, so we can help you to get them done.

Access to your personal information

The user may at any time receive information as to whether the personal data provided by him / her are being processed and used as well as for processing purposes.

What we can say is to give you the opportunity to see what you are looking for, so we will let you know what we want, or if you want to delete them if you want. For this purpose, you are provided with the e-mail address given on the site.

Applicable law

This policy is part of the Terms of Use of this site and as such should be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Personal data provided by minors

We advise all parents and guardians to educate their children on safety and responsibility when providing personal data on the Internet. Minors should not provide personal data without the permission of their parents or guardians. We will never collect personal data if we know it belongs to minors or we will use them in any way without permission.

Links to other sites

The current privacy protection policy is used for this site. What do you mean for some, which have links like this?

Notification of changes

Any changes to our privacy policy will be disclosed on this page.