What is a Moorganizer?

Moorganizer is the organizer of web life.

With Moorganizer collect feeds from your favorite sites and browse them for a few minutes while drinking your coffee. No BBC feeds or CNN feeds, but feeds from the site hunting company, in which you are a member either from the golf club or from the dance club or from the kindergarten (school) of children, etc.

This is what makes the Moorganizer different from other feeds sites. You choose you favorite site not from a list, you choose it from world wide web and add a feed from it.

Moorganizer is a site where you collect links from sites you enter frequently, as well as sites you enter very rarely. Moorganizer has a great system for quickly, easily collecting, stacking, and indicating links in a convenient, comprehensible and easy to search way.

Soon there will be a new useful gadgets in you Moorganizer.

In short: Moorganizer is a site you go through to quickly and easily reach your favorite and less favorite but sometimes needed sites. Moorganizer is the starting point of your journey on the net. Your harbor where all your favorites site are moored and waiting for you!

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